Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 9 Updates

Eli lost 1 IV yesterday, and the other is hurting him.  So they are going to discuss putting in a PICC line today.  He has had 1 negative blood culture and the other one was negative so far (as of yesterday) but not guaranteed until later today.  So hoping we get our 2nd negative!  His anticoagulant level was still low as of middle of the night so they are upping his meds by 10%.  He also went down and had another ECHO this morning so we are waiting on those results.  They will also be doing labs today to do some genetic testing for immune disorders.
He's smiling and has been playing.  He gets tired still a bit quicker than normal, but isn't falling asleep constantly!  It's nice to see those things returning to normal!

Bob and I are ok.  We are exhausted.  This has been a very draining month for us.  We have so many amazing friends who have made sure that we have food, clothes, books, etc.  We are so blessed!

Our older 4 are doing well.  They are back to school today.  Emily missed quite a bit of school last week and she was super sick. 

We will update more later today as we know the full plan for the week.

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mandd3 said...

Hooray for the first negative culture, praying for the second and that the docs can get his clotting disorder under control. Glad to hear your other 4 are holding up well.