Meet The Family

There are 7 of us in our family, BUT only 6 dwell under our roof and 1 guards us from above!!
Mom (Heather) and Dad/Step-Dad (Bob) are super busy parents raising 5 very special kids.  Heather is a SAHM (stay at home mom) and Bob works outside the home full time.

I'm Heather, and I am but a shell of a person.  I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation and had brain surgery in Jan 2013.  My recovery is going decent, although Eli's passing has brought on some major setbacks.  I used to enjoy reading, knitting and crocheting.

Bob has multiple medical issues going on that have been a real struggle.  He has just recently been diagnosed with GERD and IBS, as well as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  His doctors are working together to come up with a game plan that will have the best results.

Emily is the oldest of her siblings, at 12 years old!  She is getting ready to enter middle school, 7th grade.  She loves reading and music and hanging out with her friends!  She has played the violin for 2 years and is VERY good at it.  She also sings in choir.

Jace is 9 years old, and will be in the 5th grade.  He has severe GERD, CVS and ADHD.  His GERD and CVS are currently medication controlled, and we are sooo happy to finally be at that point 7 years later!  He is 110% boy and always on the move.  He enjoys being outside.  He struggles in school and is currently receiving speech and handwriting services, as well as math and reading programs.

Benjamin is 8 years old and will be starting 3rd grade.  Ben is autistic and OCD, with multiple other diagnoses that simply fall under the umbrella of autism.  He is currently in an integrated classroom with supports, as well as his normal speech and such.  He has respite at home and has a great connection with his respite worker, Michaella.  He enjoys building with legos and wedgits and loves swinging on his therapy swing.  His new found favorite hobby is origami.

Ariana is our 6 year old princess, and will be starting 1st grade.  She is the light of the house.  She's our talker, our little cheerleader, and the social butterfly.  She's always dancing, cheering, moving, and talking.  She has sensory integration disorder, and a bit of the OCD, but nothing like brother.

Elias is our Tiny Hero, forever 3 1/2.  Eli passed away from complications of surgery further complicated by his Mitochondrial disease, on April 28th, 2013.  Eli's Journey and Eli's Promise can be read on the tabs at the top of the blog.

Our family is trying to find our footing in the world again as our lives have been shattered and we are unsure which way is up anymore.  Our tiny man is gone, yet our journey's are still forced on as the giant hands of the clock continue to turn and the world continues to move, dragging us unwillingly along with it.

This is our journey.  Raw and unedited.