Monday, March 30, 2009

2 Income household finally!!!

YEAH! Bob has finished up the interview process, was offered a job, accepted, and starts tomorrow. We are soooo excited to be switching over to a 2 income household! Just wanted to update and let everyone know! Thanks for all the encouragement and finger crossing and prayers over the last 2 months!!! Definitely paid off! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Promised photos

sorry it has taken me so long to get photos up. life has been so busy. here is a slideshow of our afternoon/evening!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Current Mood :)


wow is really all i know to say at the moment. i have never been so angry and so hurt as i am right now.
brian has gone WAY past what is acceptable. he is angry and has decided to do everything that he can to ruin my life.
he has made physical threats about kicking bob's teeth in, and slapping me around. he called emily stupid. he slapped jace on the leg. he didn't feed the children anything but donuts, fruit snacks, and popsicles one day. he called me every name under the sun to the children and talked trash about me to them all week. he yelled at them. he didn't give jace all of his meds, or follow any sleep schedule at all.
he posted my address on his blog, after complaining about me and telling a bunch of lies. i threw a fit telling him that was a HUGE safety concern for his children to be publicly posting where i live, he finally removed that part. he has been stalking me and having other people stalk me and report back to him. he's threatening to have me "kicked out of my home" "fired from my job" and have it so everyone in wichita hates me. he has jace's meds and refuses to mail them. he got the insurance for the kids cancelled and refuses to get it fixed. i had to get jace's meds and it cost me $395 and he refuses to pay his 50%. he refuses to pay child support. THEN....
he called my mom on tuesday apparently. he told her the worst lies EVER imaginable. out of respect to my family i won't name names BUT he told her that i said that someone in my family raped me. HOLY FUCK. i NEVER said anything of the sort and the person he was accusing would NEVER have done something like that. He drug close family friends into it.
i had to leave work early to deal with all of this. i contacted the police and have filed charges against him. threats, stalking, harrassment etc. i have supplied them with the info that they need and it is being turned over to the detectives.
i'm beyond exhausted and have no clue what to do.
my only priority is my childrens health, happiness, and safety. i care about nothing more.
i just wanted to give a quick update letting everyone know what is happening. thank you for all the messages and kind thoughts today. some of you already know what is happening, and the rest will now.
i apologize to all of you that he is dragging into to this, and thank you for standing by me and my family. you are all greatly loved and appreciated!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick check in

Wow it's been a long time since I've blogged. Life has been busy. Like I've been doing lately I'll give a bit of an update per person! :)
Emily and Jace~ They've been on spring break this last week. Today was their first day back in school. After much fighting I convinced Bri to keep the kids for spring break. Apparently Emily and Jace didn't have alot of fun and are happy to be home. they have a slightly slower week at school so that will be good. 2 full days and 3 half days because of Parent Teacher conferences. Jace has an appt this Friday to get some more information on some of the things he's struggling with. I'll update once I know more.
Benjamin~ He's doing well. He's working on potty training. He's had some dry times, and has been peeing on the potty multiple times a day. I'm super excited about this progress. He's back to school today, and hopefully keeps up the work!
Ariana~ She's doing good. Quite the little princess. She had OT this morning, and did well. She's always busy with her babies, and is so good with them. She's talking alot, and constantly growing!
Bob~ He's been busy taking care of the house and the yard and job hunting. Waiting to hear back on a job and will know by the end of the week. Keeping our fingers crossed.
Me~ I'm working. I'm on the phones full time and graduate training on the 9th of April. I feel like all I do is work, as my schedule right now really sucks. I'm going to be asking today to go on a slightly reduced schedule of 30 to 35 hours a week. That would allow me alot more time with my family. So I'm hoping it's approved.

We are doing well. We've settled in nicely to life and everyone is happy and doing well.
Fighting with Bri has gotten out of control and I'm simply done dealing with it. There were alot of issues this last week with him having the kids, and even more things the kids keep mentioning. We are hoping to get situated quickly after the kids have been gone last week and to move on with our life.
Hope everyone is doing well.
love to all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekly Update :)

Hi guys! So much for the promise to keep my blog updated. :) The days are dragging but the weeks are flying. If that makes sense.
I'll break the updates down per person so it flows a bit smoother!
Emily~ She had her 1st bday party to attend here in Wichita. It was a little girl in her class and on her bus, who lives 1 street over from us. She had alot of fun. She's doing good in school. Getting so old. She thinks that she's a teenager and that has made for some interesting times. We get quite the attitude from her, and have had to give some warnings on keeping it in check. She got her hair cut and is now at her chin. She loves it and it's so much easier for her to maintain. She's had a major growth spurt in many areas, and sometimes I just stare at her in disbelief.
Jace~ He's a disaster to be honest. It's a constant fight with him on everything. He's struggling in school as well. We have an appt this Friday with the doc and have some concerns we'd like to talk about. I will also be calling his teacher in hopes of getting some things figured out there as well. He still has his moments though where he can be the lovey cuddley helpful little boy who I love soooo much. We just need to get back to where we have those times more than the other. His stomach is doing well lately. His school has him getting special trays and we've even found individual almond milks that he can take to school each day. No med adjustments right now, staying as is.
Benjamin~ He's settled in school and seems to be doing well there. He has his 1st field trip coming up and I'm curious to see how he does with that. He also has his IEP meeting coming up, so I'm hoping to talk about a few concerns there. He's been getting into everything and been pretty destructive. We've also had quite a breakdown in communication and can't seem to find a good way to control, reason, and discipline effectively.
Ariana~ She's still quite the little princess. She loves her babies and they take up a large portion of her day. When she wants she's really talking alot and starting to put sentences together. Her OT starts this week, so i'm glad to get that regoing. She's been following Ben and getting into a bit of trouble lately, so we are hoping that resolves as we figure out Mr Ben.
Bob~ Has been super busy running the house and the kids and the meals. My schedule pretty much leaves all the daily responsibilities on him. He has been job hunting and interviewing alot the last 2 weeks. We have narrowed it down to 2 jobs and a decision will be made by next week at the latest. I will update as we know. 1 is our ideal, and 1 is not quite so ideal, but both are a job! Keeping our fingers crossed.
Heather~ hmmmm. I'm working. Did I mention that I'm working? That's pretty much it. I honestly have done nothing else. I'm hoping to get a few things done this coming weekend, like the zoo, since it's supposed to be warm. This last weekend we did go as a family to EP, and saw the new whale exhibit. it was alot of fun, and the exhibit was super cool. I'm spending a large portion of my time arguing with Bri. He isn't paying and is now refusing to keep the kids over spring break as well. I'm left figuring out what to tell the kids as they were super excited, and I'm also left scrambling for daycare for 4 kids for that week. Go figure. Punishing the kids is not the solution but there is no point in arguing with a person who is as conceited and self absorbed as he is, parenting is definitely not his calling.
Other than that life is just going. You know how it is. Love to all.