Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekly Update :)

Hi guys! So much for the promise to keep my blog updated. :) The days are dragging but the weeks are flying. If that makes sense.
I'll break the updates down per person so it flows a bit smoother!
Emily~ She had her 1st bday party to attend here in Wichita. It was a little girl in her class and on her bus, who lives 1 street over from us. She had alot of fun. She's doing good in school. Getting so old. She thinks that she's a teenager and that has made for some interesting times. We get quite the attitude from her, and have had to give some warnings on keeping it in check. She got her hair cut and is now at her chin. She loves it and it's so much easier for her to maintain. She's had a major growth spurt in many areas, and sometimes I just stare at her in disbelief.
Jace~ He's a disaster to be honest. It's a constant fight with him on everything. He's struggling in school as well. We have an appt this Friday with the doc and have some concerns we'd like to talk about. I will also be calling his teacher in hopes of getting some things figured out there as well. He still has his moments though where he can be the lovey cuddley helpful little boy who I love soooo much. We just need to get back to where we have those times more than the other. His stomach is doing well lately. His school has him getting special trays and we've even found individual almond milks that he can take to school each day. No med adjustments right now, staying as is.
Benjamin~ He's settled in school and seems to be doing well there. He has his 1st field trip coming up and I'm curious to see how he does with that. He also has his IEP meeting coming up, so I'm hoping to talk about a few concerns there. He's been getting into everything and been pretty destructive. We've also had quite a breakdown in communication and can't seem to find a good way to control, reason, and discipline effectively.
Ariana~ She's still quite the little princess. She loves her babies and they take up a large portion of her day. When she wants she's really talking alot and starting to put sentences together. Her OT starts this week, so i'm glad to get that regoing. She's been following Ben and getting into a bit of trouble lately, so we are hoping that resolves as we figure out Mr Ben.
Bob~ Has been super busy running the house and the kids and the meals. My schedule pretty much leaves all the daily responsibilities on him. He has been job hunting and interviewing alot the last 2 weeks. We have narrowed it down to 2 jobs and a decision will be made by next week at the latest. I will update as we know. 1 is our ideal, and 1 is not quite so ideal, but both are a job! Keeping our fingers crossed.
Heather~ hmmmm. I'm working. Did I mention that I'm working? That's pretty much it. I honestly have done nothing else. I'm hoping to get a few things done this coming weekend, like the zoo, since it's supposed to be warm. This last weekend we did go as a family to EP, and saw the new whale exhibit. it was alot of fun, and the exhibit was super cool. I'm spending a large portion of my time arguing with Bri. He isn't paying and is now refusing to keep the kids over spring break as well. I'm left figuring out what to tell the kids as they were super excited, and I'm also left scrambling for daycare for 4 kids for that week. Go figure. Punishing the kids is not the solution but there is no point in arguing with a person who is as conceited and self absorbed as he is, parenting is definitely not his calling.
Other than that life is just going. You know how it is. Love to all.

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