Books, Toys, & Goodies

Have you received a book, toy, goodie, movie, or medical supply with an Eli's Promise sticker???
We hope that whatever item it is that you have received has brought a smile to your face and to your child's face as well!  They sure did for Eli!

When Eli passed away on April 28, 2013 we knew that we wanted to do something big, something meaningful, something lifelong, that would touch others the way that Eli did!
It seemed perfect to collect books in leu of flowers, as books were Eli's favorite things!  We expected a few but nothing like what happened!

As of October 9, 2013 we have close to 2500 books, 25 movies, 10 boxes full of toys, itunes cards, activity kits, holiday gifts and toys, stickers, and so much more...AND we are still collecting!

Each item has been labeled with a picture of Eli, his birth and death dates, the website address, and one of my favorite sayings!

We ask that if you have received and item and followed it thru to this website that you leave a little note about the item you received and how it has touched your life!  We want Eli's warmth and love to continue spreading all over the world!

Much love and gently hugs from our family to yours!

Robert, Heather, Emily, Jace, Benjamin, Ariana, and Our Angel Eli

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