Wednesday, April 29, 2009

slighly more detailed info

Will try to get everything in a bit clearer of detail. We were driving east on kellogg between seneca and washington. there was a huge boom explosion noise and the sliding door passenger window shattered. Pulled over. had no idea where it came from, what vehicles were around, nothing. Saw what appeared to be a bullet in the window. called police. 3 police cars came. they said it was a 22 calliber bullet. They called crime scene investigation. And grilled us and grilled us about where exactly we were, all the vehicles around us, what we saw, what we heard, etc... From the angle of the bullet it was shot up and then came downwards. So they determined that it was a stray bullet not intended for us. The bullet hit the glass and then hit the frame of the door. That's the only reason that it didn't come into the vehicle and hit anyone. if we had been going a drop faster or slower or anything different it wouldn't have hit the frame and would have come in the car, right by Ariana and Emily. the police filed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. no suspects. we filed insurance claims to get the window fixed. right now the vehicle won't be driven as there is falling glass everywhere, not that i have any interest in leaving the house and driving.
the kids were pretty freaked out, ben kept sayng boooom over and over again to describe what happened. bob's shoulder is sore from the impact and tightening up when it happened. i'm just freaked out. i keep thinking thru all the what ifs, and how it could have been different.
that's all i feel like typing for now. will update more as we know more.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i'm just copying and pasting what i'm posting on facebook as i simply can't type it all twice right now.

I almost lost my family this evening in the flash of a bullet. We are home and locked inside our home now and probably never leaving again. I can't I just can't. I'm so fucking freaked out.
we were driving down kellogg and a bullet hit our car. it shattered the window and got lodge in the frame of the car. if it had been 1 hair to the side it would have hit my girls. the police have no idea how it didn't go all the way into the car and hit everyone. it was a 22. no suspects yet. crime scene investigation came out. we are home ... Read Morenow. freaked out to the point i can't think. i don't know what to do. i could have lost my family. if we had taken a different route if i had run the errand by myself. i can't stop thinking of all the ifs.....
no one hurt, just everyone really freaked out. kids are terrified and just keep repeating the booom sound over and over again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big News

It's been so long since I've blogged. I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to keep up.
Bob is working, alot. It's taking some time for all of us to get used to his ever changing schedule and the number of hours that he's working. The kids miss him alot and so do I. He's enjoying his job, but hating to be gone so much as well. hopefully as he gets situated the hours will slow down.
The kids are doing well. Busy with school. We went to the shrine circus last week and they had a blast. it was a new experience and they really seemed to enjoy it. Benjamin was wide eyed during a large portion of it! :) Jace is doing well with his new meds. We are hoping in the next week to really see a change. The rest of the kids are well, finishing up the end of school.
We have 2 pieces of big news right now.
1. We are moving. In Wichita, just to a new house. Our house here has 3 water leaks in the basement that they can't seem to get fixed and we are tired of constantly having water come in and always standing water on the floors. The walls are also warped, and the paint is literally chipping off because they are so wet. We are only moving about 3 miles away, to a large house and a slightly less expensive house. Also no pond!!! YIPPPEEEE!!!! We take possession of the house on May 1st.
Our 2nd piece of big news is...Our family is growing. We just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant and due Dec 23rd. We were/are in complete shock. I've been on the pill since December, so it's definitely not something we were expecting. We are excited, even though still a bit shocked. The kids are already placing their orders. Ben and Emily want a girl, Jace wants a boy, and Ari has requested a "Little Princess Boy" not quite sure what that means but that's ok! :)
Anyways that's all in the news dept. i will update more soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hiya everyone!!!!

Wow time just keeps flying. We are super busy with both Bob and I working full time. I graduate from training this coming thursday and I'm super excited about that. I'm then off for 4 days over Easter, and it couln't have come at a better time. Bob's schedule is busy right now. He is working alot of hours, alternating constantly from early days to late nights. He's enjoying it though and learning alot. He'll be taking over his permanent position here soon and he's definitely excited about that. We both feel so blessed to have found such great jobs so quickly upon our move to Wichita.
We have GREAT friends and family who have stepped up to help us out. My best friend has the day shift with our kids here at our home, and then my dad has the evening shift with the kids again here at our home. So nothing with the kids schedule and surroundings have changed at all. It keeps life sooo much better for our kids. It's been great to have that consistency for our kids!
The kids are doing pretty good. This last 2 weeks have been a bit hard for them since Bob started working. They are really missing having him home in the evenings but are quickly situating to the new scheduale. I think it's been harder on Bob and I to be away from the kids than it's been on them.
Emily got honors from the principal at her school for her attendance and honor roll! She got a certificate! We are so proud of her accomplishments! Jace is doing well in school, and the teacher has been adjusting his work to help him. We are hoping that really starts to help. Ben is doing well. Right now he's learning how to write his name. He's doing so good! Ari is as much of a little princess as ever. She went out today with her friend and she wore her princess dress up skirt over her clothing. :) She looked so adorable!
Other than that not much else going on. We are doing well and settling into life. Can't wait to see alot of you this coming weekend!
love to all!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy weekend approaching

It's my weekend and I've never been happier. Work is super busy. We have 1 week of training left and then off to the real world with our permanent teams. I've been meeting graduation requirements since the 1st day on the phones, and I'm at the top of my class on stats, so not to much to worry about there for me. I'm enjoying the job, mostly, but hating the hours. I'm missing my family, and free time in general. Hoping to find out about my reduced schedule this week.
Bob has been at work all week and he's enjoying it. He love being back at work. He's missing the family as well, as he's got some strange hours at the moment. He had some surprise news on his first day there, and so we are really excited about that. It was good news, obviously. We will find out for 100% within the next 10 days apparently!
The kids are doing pretty good. Busy with school. They had Parent Teacher conferences last week and those went pretty well. We have the autism walk tomorrow morning, and then an easter egg hunt tomorrow afternoon. They are super excited!
Tomorrow evening I'm going with a good friend of mine to Death by Chocolate and EP. We are super excited to get all dressed up and go have chocolate and drinks and dancing all night! It's a much needed relaxing break!
I've been getting emails and such asking for updates on the situation with Brian. He's a disaster on is on a rampage to try and make everyone as miserable as he is. I'm doing everything in my power to completely ignore him. He isn't paying, isn't providing insurance, isn't helping make decisions on the kids, isn't speaking to the kids, isn't job hunting, etc... He is an absolute waste of time and so I haven't given much of an update on the situation with him. He's spending his time spreading lies, and bull shit and trying to ruin everyone's lives. I simply don't have the time to deal with his childish crap. So I know that isn't much of an update but at the moment that's all I've got. There is sooo much more that needs to be said, but I'm spending the time deciding how I want to word it.
Anyways promise to post new photos after this weekends activities.
love to all.