Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hiya everyone!!!!

Wow time just keeps flying. We are super busy with both Bob and I working full time. I graduate from training this coming thursday and I'm super excited about that. I'm then off for 4 days over Easter, and it couln't have come at a better time. Bob's schedule is busy right now. He is working alot of hours, alternating constantly from early days to late nights. He's enjoying it though and learning alot. He'll be taking over his permanent position here soon and he's definitely excited about that. We both feel so blessed to have found such great jobs so quickly upon our move to Wichita.
We have GREAT friends and family who have stepped up to help us out. My best friend has the day shift with our kids here at our home, and then my dad has the evening shift with the kids again here at our home. So nothing with the kids schedule and surroundings have changed at all. It keeps life sooo much better for our kids. It's been great to have that consistency for our kids!
The kids are doing pretty good. This last 2 weeks have been a bit hard for them since Bob started working. They are really missing having him home in the evenings but are quickly situating to the new scheduale. I think it's been harder on Bob and I to be away from the kids than it's been on them.
Emily got honors from the principal at her school for her attendance and honor roll! She got a certificate! We are so proud of her accomplishments! Jace is doing well in school, and the teacher has been adjusting his work to help him. We are hoping that really starts to help. Ben is doing well. Right now he's learning how to write his name. He's doing so good! Ari is as much of a little princess as ever. She went out today with her friend and she wore her princess dress up skirt over her clothing. :) She looked so adorable!
Other than that not much else going on. We are doing well and settling into life. Can't wait to see alot of you this coming weekend!
love to all!

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