Wednesday, April 29, 2009

slighly more detailed info

Will try to get everything in a bit clearer of detail. We were driving east on kellogg between seneca and washington. there was a huge boom explosion noise and the sliding door passenger window shattered. Pulled over. had no idea where it came from, what vehicles were around, nothing. Saw what appeared to be a bullet in the window. called police. 3 police cars came. they said it was a 22 calliber bullet. They called crime scene investigation. And grilled us and grilled us about where exactly we were, all the vehicles around us, what we saw, what we heard, etc... From the angle of the bullet it was shot up and then came downwards. So they determined that it was a stray bullet not intended for us. The bullet hit the glass and then hit the frame of the door. That's the only reason that it didn't come into the vehicle and hit anyone. if we had been going a drop faster or slower or anything different it wouldn't have hit the frame and would have come in the car, right by Ariana and Emily. the police filed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. no suspects. we filed insurance claims to get the window fixed. right now the vehicle won't be driven as there is falling glass everywhere, not that i have any interest in leaving the house and driving.
the kids were pretty freaked out, ben kept sayng boooom over and over again to describe what happened. bob's shoulder is sore from the impact and tightening up when it happened. i'm just freaked out. i keep thinking thru all the what ifs, and how it could have been different.
that's all i feel like typing for now. will update more as we know more.

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