Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy weekend approaching

It's my weekend and I've never been happier. Work is super busy. We have 1 week of training left and then off to the real world with our permanent teams. I've been meeting graduation requirements since the 1st day on the phones, and I'm at the top of my class on stats, so not to much to worry about there for me. I'm enjoying the job, mostly, but hating the hours. I'm missing my family, and free time in general. Hoping to find out about my reduced schedule this week.
Bob has been at work all week and he's enjoying it. He love being back at work. He's missing the family as well, as he's got some strange hours at the moment. He had some surprise news on his first day there, and so we are really excited about that. It was good news, obviously. We will find out for 100% within the next 10 days apparently!
The kids are doing pretty good. Busy with school. They had Parent Teacher conferences last week and those went pretty well. We have the autism walk tomorrow morning, and then an easter egg hunt tomorrow afternoon. They are super excited!
Tomorrow evening I'm going with a good friend of mine to Death by Chocolate and EP. We are super excited to get all dressed up and go have chocolate and drinks and dancing all night! It's a much needed relaxing break!
I've been getting emails and such asking for updates on the situation with Brian. He's a disaster on is on a rampage to try and make everyone as miserable as he is. I'm doing everything in my power to completely ignore him. He isn't paying, isn't providing insurance, isn't helping make decisions on the kids, isn't speaking to the kids, isn't job hunting, etc... He is an absolute waste of time and so I haven't given much of an update on the situation with him. He's spending his time spreading lies, and bull shit and trying to ruin everyone's lives. I simply don't have the time to deal with his childish crap. So I know that isn't much of an update but at the moment that's all I've got. There is sooo much more that needs to be said, but I'm spending the time deciding how I want to word it.
Anyways promise to post new photos after this weekends activities.
love to all.

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