Friday, October 30, 2009

33 weeks pregnant!

Today is 33 weeks already. Time is flying by so quickly. This has definitely been my fastest pregnancy and isn't slowing down. Hopefully the end stays that way. I haven't taken a picture since 21 weeks I think it is, so I had Bob take one this morning. So here it is! Since my surgery and the fact that little man is upside down my belly doesn't look super big, but I'm measuring alot higher than normal for this point. If that makes sense.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bit Grouchy

The past few days I've honestly been a bit grumpy. I went from a planned homebirth, to a possible planned induction at a hospital, to a possible planned c-section. I feel like everything I wanted has been taken away. And to top it all off, we have no idea what is going on with Mr Eli and what he will need immediately after birth. They can't completely test his kidneys until he's actually here, so it leaves everything up in the air right now. We can only wait. I'm not good at waiting and I'm scared about what is going on with my son. I don't like not knowing what is going on. So I've been in a bit of a grouchy funk. Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. I know there is nothing I can do about it, but it doesn't change how I feel. I need to grieve and move on. Wow that sounds a bit cold though, and that's not how I mean it. I hope it makes sense to someone. I just need to snap out of this and do whatever I can to get thru the end of this pregnancy.

The last 24 hours Mr Eli has been SUPER active, moving around, making my stomach form into weird shapes. I'm not sure if he's maybe attempting to get himself flipped back around or if he's just goofing off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but definitely trying not to get my hopes up. He's sitting super goofy at the moment and my hips and lower back have been horrible, to the point where I've spent alot of time sitting on the couch. Hopefully that will adjust as he adjusts and situates better.
More info to come as we get more info! Thank you to everyone for all the encouraging words!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Emily's Bday Party, Night of the Living Zoo, Ultrasound

Emily's 9th birthday party was yesterday. We did crafts and they all played outside and had a great time. Cake and presents followed. So got alot of great stuff and she's super excited.
Then we ate a quick dinner and got dressed in Halloween Costumes and headed to Night of the Living Zoo. Right as the gates were opening it began to drizzle. It was beyond cold, BUT the kids did have fun.
Today was my ultrasound and next OB appt. 1 good, 2 not good from the ultrasound. Mr Eli did gain weight. 4 weeks ago he was 2lbs 8oz and was less than 10th percentile. Today he was 3lbs 11oz and was 34th percentile. So the weight gain was much better. His left kidney looked good. His right kidney was worse. His kidney should measure 0.7, but 4 weeks ago it was 1.45, and today it was 1.81. So it's actually getting larger not smaller like it's supposed to. The amniotic fluid level is still good which means either the right kidney is functioning enough, or the left is doing a good enough job working for both. The other new piece of news is Eli is now complete breech. Hopefully he will turn, but obviously no guarantees. We have no clue why he turned, it could be the scar tissue from my surgery or who knows what else. Hopefully he turns before his fluid levels potentially drop or he in general gets to big. His heartrate was good, and he actually scored very on the basic testing they do and things they look at during an ultrasound. I will see my OB again in 2 weeks and then in 4 weeks I will have another ultrasound. That will put the next one at 36 weeks. So now we have the kidney and the breech to deal with on making decisions on what happens. We are trying to stay positive, but are completely aware that at this point we will for sure be having a hospital birth.
We will keep everyone updated as we know more.
Below are a few pics from Emily's party and before we left for the zoo! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HairCut Day!!

The kids were horribly in need of haircuts so I took all 4 of them out and got it done all at once. Ari finally got her 1st big girl haircut. HOLY COW. She looks so big. She was all excited and I almost cried when I saw the 1st cut. I will admit it looks so much better. She still has such baby fine thin hair, that the longer it got the scragglier it looked. So it does look amazing, but WOW. Here are the photos of each of them!
Emily barely got a trim as she refuses to cut her hair right now. She also wasn't thrilled about having a photo taken at all. Go figure. :)
After haircuts, the kids went and played outside with my dad while I ran my grocery shopping. They are greatly enjoying this weather.
Now I just need to get some housework done and bake a cake. Tomorrow is Emily's birthday party and I have so much to get done before then!
More pictures to come tomorrow after Emily's party and then we are off to the Zoo for Night of the Living Zoo! A busy fun filled weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's been a busy month for us! We moved at the end of September into our own place finally!!! It's been great having our own space again and getting all of my things back. The kids are doing great. We found a place close by so we didn't have to switch schools, buses, nothing. So that has definitely helped the kids as well.
I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. We had an ultrasound almost 4 weeks ago, and they found potential kidney problems and growth problems. We have another ultrasound monday to get a better idea of what is going on. The pregnancy is going so fast though, and I can't believe that we are so close to the end.
Emily has already finished off 11 our of 64 books for her Battle of the Books and is doing great! She's loving it. Jace is doing an amazing job with Tae Kwon Do, and is really enjoying having something to focus his energy on. Benjamin is COMPLETELY potty trained and I'm loving that! :) I will be starting working with Ari on potty training next week. Ari is doing well with therapy and has her transition meeting coming up next month.
Jace will be having another surgical procedure on November 5th. They are going to do another scope and biopsies. They will check his valve and get some more detailed information. The doctor is thinking that we are dealing with something completely different than what we had originally thought. If this is the case then we will have to completely switch treatments. So hoping to have more info soon!
Last weekend we spent some much needed family time together. We went to the pumpkin patch, then the big kids carved their 1st pumpkins, and the little 2 did their Mr. Potato Head pumpkins. Everyone had a great time!
Here are some photos from our weekend!