Saturday, October 24, 2009

HairCut Day!!

The kids were horribly in need of haircuts so I took all 4 of them out and got it done all at once. Ari finally got her 1st big girl haircut. HOLY COW. She looks so big. She was all excited and I almost cried when I saw the 1st cut. I will admit it looks so much better. She still has such baby fine thin hair, that the longer it got the scragglier it looked. So it does look amazing, but WOW. Here are the photos of each of them!
Emily barely got a trim as she refuses to cut her hair right now. She also wasn't thrilled about having a photo taken at all. Go figure. :)
After haircuts, the kids went and played outside with my dad while I ran my grocery shopping. They are greatly enjoying this weather.
Now I just need to get some housework done and bake a cake. Tomorrow is Emily's birthday party and I have so much to get done before then!
More pictures to come tomorrow after Emily's party and then we are off to the Zoo for Night of the Living Zoo! A busy fun filled weekend!

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