Monday, October 26, 2009

Emily's Bday Party, Night of the Living Zoo, Ultrasound

Emily's 9th birthday party was yesterday. We did crafts and they all played outside and had a great time. Cake and presents followed. So got alot of great stuff and she's super excited.
Then we ate a quick dinner and got dressed in Halloween Costumes and headed to Night of the Living Zoo. Right as the gates were opening it began to drizzle. It was beyond cold, BUT the kids did have fun.
Today was my ultrasound and next OB appt. 1 good, 2 not good from the ultrasound. Mr Eli did gain weight. 4 weeks ago he was 2lbs 8oz and was less than 10th percentile. Today he was 3lbs 11oz and was 34th percentile. So the weight gain was much better. His left kidney looked good. His right kidney was worse. His kidney should measure 0.7, but 4 weeks ago it was 1.45, and today it was 1.81. So it's actually getting larger not smaller like it's supposed to. The amniotic fluid level is still good which means either the right kidney is functioning enough, or the left is doing a good enough job working for both. The other new piece of news is Eli is now complete breech. Hopefully he will turn, but obviously no guarantees. We have no clue why he turned, it could be the scar tissue from my surgery or who knows what else. Hopefully he turns before his fluid levels potentially drop or he in general gets to big. His heartrate was good, and he actually scored very on the basic testing they do and things they look at during an ultrasound. I will see my OB again in 2 weeks and then in 4 weeks I will have another ultrasound. That will put the next one at 36 weeks. So now we have the kidney and the breech to deal with on making decisions on what happens. We are trying to stay positive, but are completely aware that at this point we will for sure be having a hospital birth.
We will keep everyone updated as we know more.
Below are a few pics from Emily's party and before we left for the zoo! Enjoy!

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