Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick check in

Wow it's been a long time since I've blogged. Life has been busy. Like I've been doing lately I'll give a bit of an update per person! :)
Emily and Jace~ They've been on spring break this last week. Today was their first day back in school. After much fighting I convinced Bri to keep the kids for spring break. Apparently Emily and Jace didn't have alot of fun and are happy to be home. they have a slightly slower week at school so that will be good. 2 full days and 3 half days because of Parent Teacher conferences. Jace has an appt this Friday to get some more information on some of the things he's struggling with. I'll update once I know more.
Benjamin~ He's doing well. He's working on potty training. He's had some dry times, and has been peeing on the potty multiple times a day. I'm super excited about this progress. He's back to school today, and hopefully keeps up the work!
Ariana~ She's doing good. Quite the little princess. She had OT this morning, and did well. She's always busy with her babies, and is so good with them. She's talking alot, and constantly growing!
Bob~ He's been busy taking care of the house and the yard and job hunting. Waiting to hear back on a job and will know by the end of the week. Keeping our fingers crossed.
Me~ I'm working. I'm on the phones full time and graduate training on the 9th of April. I feel like all I do is work, as my schedule right now really sucks. I'm going to be asking today to go on a slightly reduced schedule of 30 to 35 hours a week. That would allow me alot more time with my family. So I'm hoping it's approved.

We are doing well. We've settled in nicely to life and everyone is happy and doing well.
Fighting with Bri has gotten out of control and I'm simply done dealing with it. There were alot of issues this last week with him having the kids, and even more things the kids keep mentioning. We are hoping to get situated quickly after the kids have been gone last week and to move on with our life.
Hope everyone is doing well.
love to all.

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