Thursday, March 26, 2009


wow is really all i know to say at the moment. i have never been so angry and so hurt as i am right now.
brian has gone WAY past what is acceptable. he is angry and has decided to do everything that he can to ruin my life.
he has made physical threats about kicking bob's teeth in, and slapping me around. he called emily stupid. he slapped jace on the leg. he didn't feed the children anything but donuts, fruit snacks, and popsicles one day. he called me every name under the sun to the children and talked trash about me to them all week. he yelled at them. he didn't give jace all of his meds, or follow any sleep schedule at all.
he posted my address on his blog, after complaining about me and telling a bunch of lies. i threw a fit telling him that was a HUGE safety concern for his children to be publicly posting where i live, he finally removed that part. he has been stalking me and having other people stalk me and report back to him. he's threatening to have me "kicked out of my home" "fired from my job" and have it so everyone in wichita hates me. he has jace's meds and refuses to mail them. he got the insurance for the kids cancelled and refuses to get it fixed. i had to get jace's meds and it cost me $395 and he refuses to pay his 50%. he refuses to pay child support. THEN....
he called my mom on tuesday apparently. he told her the worst lies EVER imaginable. out of respect to my family i won't name names BUT he told her that i said that someone in my family raped me. HOLY FUCK. i NEVER said anything of the sort and the person he was accusing would NEVER have done something like that. He drug close family friends into it.
i had to leave work early to deal with all of this. i contacted the police and have filed charges against him. threats, stalking, harrassment etc. i have supplied them with the info that they need and it is being turned over to the detectives.
i'm beyond exhausted and have no clue what to do.
my only priority is my childrens health, happiness, and safety. i care about nothing more.
i just wanted to give a quick update letting everyone know what is happening. thank you for all the messages and kind thoughts today. some of you already know what is happening, and the rest will now.
i apologize to all of you that he is dragging into to this, and thank you for standing by me and my family. you are all greatly loved and appreciated!


Kimble-Wood said...

Oh my goodness! I am pretty speechless. I'm sorry that he is turning so nasty to you and the kids. He is toxic and staying away from him and keeping the kids way is the best thing for all of you right now. Your friends and family know the real you and will hopefully not believe whatever crap he is spewing. Take care of yourself and those precious kids.

~* N *~ said...

Wow I can't believe the mess! I'm sorry he is acting so belligerent towards you and especially the kids.

Smart girl for filing with the police. Someone needs to stop him.

I'd check into getting healthwave for the kids. I'm pretty sure they would qualify. It would at least take one stress off of you.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by accident. Good luck to you and I hope that you can have a peaceful existance soon. It sounds like you're a wonderful mom and will to fight for your children. God Bless you and your wonderful Children and I'll keep you in my prayers.