Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Day 9

It's been a fairly quiet day.  His doc rounded this morning and decided to stop the advancements of feeds right now.  He's still having a decent bit of diarrhea and alot of drainage from his Gtube.  When all of these are adding up he's losing so much more than he's taking in.  She decided to hold at the 10ml/hr for atleast 24hrs and see if it maybe gives things a chance to settle and catch up.  So we are in a holding pattern today and that's ok with us honestly.  I think it's good to give his body a bit of a break instead of constantly pushing to keep going. 
The doc also chatted about getting some calls and info going to some GI doctors.  So hopefully we will have that all figured out before the week is over.

Today it is snowing.  Lots of big beautiful snow flakes.  Eli has never seen snow.  So we begged his doctor and she said as long as he wore his TB resistant mask and bundled up we could go outside for a few!  After we checked out the snow we went for a walk to the chapel here at the hospital.  Eli loved looking at the stained glass windows.
Here is some pictures from Eli's day.
Tiny after his bath Day 9

Tiny as he was touching and exploring snow

Tiny checking out his 1st snow

The chapel where he loved the stained glass windows

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