Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 12 Update

Today has been a very busy day!
Eli~ His doc did rounds and it was a mess. She wanted to stop all TPN and IV fluids just to see how he would do. The nurses and other doctors and dietician AND bob and I advised against this and she didn't really listen. She was pushed hard and backed down on some things. She started slowing the TPN and has continued the IV fluids. By this evening the TPN was done. So now it's fluids and elecare. Everyone but the doc is against this plan.
We will re-group tomorrow and continue to fight this. Something has to give. Other than that tiny has had a pretty quiet day today.

Bob and I made our official announcement this morning. It goes along with the doctors advise of living each day to the fullest, as if it's your last. We had been planning to get married later in the year, but have decided that we want all of our friends and family with us, as healthy as possible, together. We will be getting married this coming Sunday. The support and excitement we have gotten from everyone has been overwhelming, although we will have to set up extra chairs because the guest list has expanded! :) We love it! We couldn't ask for better friends and family!

I am home this evening and Bob is at the hospital. I went to my knitting night and then came home to let my mom head home as she has 2 appts in the morning. I will run dress shopping with a friend in the morning and then head back to the hospital.
More updates as we know.
Tiny man sleeping with his book
Tiny man working during OT


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Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I thought you and Bob were already married as you refer to each other as husband/ wife. I suppose the ceremony is just a formality. Hope you both have a fantastic day!