Tuesday, January 4, 2011

**UPDATED 11am...Eli's Tuesday Update

Here is my tiny man this morning cuddling with mommy while they changed his bedding.

Eli's cardiologist Dr Mo was in this morning already.  He had an EKG run.  Waiting on the results.  If the EKG shows normal and his O2 stays good he'll agree to the surgery.  If they aren't good and normal well then more talking needs to happen.  Going to continue keeping the O2 on to try and help keep his heartrate down.

Still waiting on the surgeon.

Eli peed this morning and just peed again in the UBag.  Waiting on labs.  He's still in alot of pain.  Having to do lots of pain meds.  Pulling up his legs alot and tightening up straight.  Going to do abdominal xray.  Fever is back, 101.4 

I did get sleep last night.  I slept from 10:30pm to 5:00am.  WOW. 

Will update as we know more.

***11am UPDATE
everything is in high gear now. eli not doing well. doc rounded. she's concerned. she called surgeon. surgeon is ready as soon as we are. going to radiology for testing. they think it's either pseudo obstruction and/or that his pylorus valve has sealed shut. everyone running in circles. plans made. everyone under the sun is calling each other. i'm scared. will update when we know more.

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