Monday, January 3, 2011

End of the Day Monday

We waited 4 1/2 hrs for the surgeon. They finally got in touch with her and she said she will be there in the morning. Uggggh. So she's coming 1st thing in the morning and so is his cardiologist to do an Echo and EKG. Also putting his cath back in as the balloon exploded inside of him so they decided to wait a bit. He's miserable.
Bob stayed at the hospital and I came home tonight. We figured it up and I've slept 4 hours out of the last 73 hours. HOLY crap. no wonder i feel like a truck ran me over.
last time eli was in the hospital though and i came home over night is still forever burned in my mind, so i'm scared. we'll see how it goes.
will update tomorrow when we know more.

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