Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eli crashed

Saturday Eli ran a bit of a fever, by night his heartrate was high.  Doc said ER.  ER said virus go home, and that his KC appt wouldn't be a problem.
Eli had an appt in KC on monday.  His nurse and I brought him here.  His heartrate was a bit high, O2 sat a bit low.  Got here he fell asleep.  Paula and I were watching TV.  His monitor starting beeping.  We went in his entire body was tight and shaking, and he was grunting and couldn't breath.  We kept turning his oxygen up and he kept dropping I called 911 while Paula attended to eli.  We had our O2 up as high as we could go.  It wasn't enough.  Eli turned blue, then gray.  It was bad.  Tons happened.  So many people and fireman and paramedics.  Eli was rushed to childrens mercy immediately into a trauma room.  people like i have never seen.  he couldnt' breath.  his blood sugar was really low, then really high.  his white blood count, red blood count, hemoglobin and iron were all very low.  he was struggling.  it was a flurry of people bagging him and tons of meds and tons of everything.
long time passed.  eli is "stable" at the moment.
they think he has a whole body systemic infection.
he's been transferred to intensive care.  bob made the best time ever to KC.
at this point we have NO idea.  it's uncertain what's going on for sure, waiting on labs.  his little body is exhausted and this isn't something he was ready to fight off. 
we don't have our laptop here.  we are at the ronald mcdonald computer right now.  our cell phones hardly work in the intensive care.
we will update as we know more.
please pray.


Jess said...

Heather I am praying for you guys. We will be at Children's Mercy tomorrow evening for a meeting. Is there anything I can bring you whether from my home or from the store? Children's Mercy is our "home hospital" we have spent many days and nights there in the last year. I am praying for you and for Bob. I lift up Eli often and will increase that time.

My private email is j underscore miller 31 at charter dot net if you need ANYTHING email me or text me my cell phone number is listed on facebook, we are friends there :o) please if we can do anything, even stop by and hug ya, please let me know!!!

Snowdaisy said...

Many prayers are being sent your way. I really pray that Eli will get the help his little body needs. If you need anything there or here let us know.

Michelle Ingram said...

Keeping up with your journey. My name is Michelle Ingram (I also have a child with Mito) Your whole family is precious. Prayers going up for Eli.

Marissa said...

I am praying so hard right now for all of you. I can't imagine the nightmare you are living.

Jamie said...

Guggie Daly posted a link to your blog.
I will be praying for Eli. I will pray as hard as I can. Please watch this, I think it will resonate with you