Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday...Surgery Day

His doc decided to treat the pneumonia pretty aggressively.  they brought in another pump to be able to push the antibiotics thru without having to stop fluids.  Then we did nebs every 4hrs followed by 5 to 7 minutes of CPT.  He doesn't mind nebs, never has, but he wasn't fond of the CPT this time.  He's so exhausted and so miserable.  His 2am CPT had to be stopped because he was coughing so bad but he did much better at his 6am round.  He's resting fairly comfortably, and his temp is gone.
This morning will be a whirlwind of lots of stuff.  There will be alot of people in and out in a short period of time.  Surgery is scheduled for noon.  Luckily our nurse today is one that we have had since Eli was a week old, so we know him well.  Not sure who is on in PICU today but we know all of them as well.
I will update today as I can.

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