Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13 brings possible progress

First of all I went home last night thru this morning. It was a long night. Ari woke up at 2am freaking out about monsters in her room and under her bed. Her siblings put on a scary movie apparently and it scared her. So didn't get her back to bed until about 4am. So I slept a total of maybe 4 hrs. This morning I got to have breakfast with the kids and hang out with them for a few before school.
Then I took Ari to a friends house for the morning and part of the afternoon. I met up with 2 friends and tried on dressed and chatted. After picking out the perfect dress we went to have it altered. Then one of my good friends took me out to lunch and we ran a few errands before heading back up to the hospital.
So many things have happened today. A dress was donated to me, the hospital offered to make a wedding cake and cover the reception table and all the supplies for that. Flowers were provided by a good friend. Wedding photography is being provided by a good friend. So many people have been stepping up and offering themselves and to help out in any way possible. We feel so absolutely blessed to have so many amazing people in our life.

This evening Eli's surgeon came by. He was having some bleeding around his stoma. She said all looked good there and we discussed Eli and his progress. She sees no reason why we can't go home with TPN and IV fluids and says she will make some calls tomorrow and see what she can do. She said she would be willing to take the lead and be the one to follow him and monitor him and such. We are so excited to maybe being on the road to taking our little man home to be together as a family!
There will be a few more hurdles to cross with going home, but this will be one of the larger ones!

Tonight Bob and I are hoping to just relax a bit and watch a little bit of TV and hopefully get some sleep. Will update more tomorrow as we know more!

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