Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We are in PICU.  he's breathing on his own (well he has nasal canula, but you get the idea), BUT he hasn't woke up yet.  They started TPN and then rushed in and stopped it.  His blood sugar is low and his magnesium is super low.  He's back on IV fluids.  So now no TPN and no meds.  We are 100% NPO not using G or J.  IV running fairly slow (20ml/hr)  The intensivist is concerned.  We aren't completely sure what's going on or what the plan is.  i think they aren't quite sure either.  he's super puffy and hasn't peed for quite some time so watching him.
we will update as we can when we know more.

here is a picture of tiny man before surgery
Here is tiny man post op in the recovery room

Here is Eli in PICU

here is Eli for the few minutes that he was able to try TPN. (I know it's a goofy angle but one of the monitors is copyrighted so have to keep it out of pictures!)

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Linda said...

Hi Heather,
Wow your little man the big fighter. He looks so beautiful and peaceful. I will continue my prayers for his recovery and hope for the best for him. I just can't believe all he has been through in his one year of life. It just shows what a fighter he is. Continued prayers for Eli!!