Sunday, January 2, 2011


We got to the ER around 8am this morning.  Lots of lab and chest xrays and such.  His lungs looked good, but he's super dehydrated.  They decided to admit him.  9hrs later, 4 IV RN's, 11 sticks, and 1 haircut later Eli has an IV in his head.  :(  They did a bolus and now running fluids.  His GI system isn't wanting to move well so he's currently on full GI rest.  Hopefully it will be enough time to allow his system to reset itself.  They will recheck all labs tomorrow and take it bit by bit. 
I'm exhausted so I will update more tomorrow as well.  Here are a few pictures of him in the ER and up in his room.

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Jodi said...

Poor Eli - I cannot believe it took that many pokes to get his IV in and then to get it in his's not fair!! I hope he feels better quickly so you can all go home and rest. We will be praying the fluids help right away and that the rest for his gut works good and he can start feeds up soon! We will also pray for your strength - I know this is a difficult time - hang in there!