Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Rounds done

Docs rounded this morning.  Eli respirations are still really high.  The 2nd culture came back again positive in the port, for serratia.  The antibiotic isn't working so they are calling in infectious disease.  They also got the rest of the results from the ECHO.  There is a blood clot that has attached itself to the end of his port in the right ventricle of his heart.(if they hadn't found this it could/would have kept growing and could/would have fallen off and could have immediately killed him)  They can't get a new line in until the infection is under control.  They are trying some meds to see if they can keep the clot from growing.  They are trying to decide how to handle breaking up the clot, since he will need surgery obviously.  So we are waiting on the blood clot team to come and decide what they want to do on their end.
He's exhaused and breathing super fast, his heartrate is still up, temp gone, trying to wean down his day O2 today to see how he does. 
Will update as we know more.

We are just soooo thankful that we happened to be in KC at the perfect moment, at the perfect time.  I truely believe it would have been a very different outcome if we had been in Wichita.

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