Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PICU Day 4

Eli's heartrate and respirations remain high.  His port stopped working last night.  They are thinking that the blood clot is now obstructing the catheter.  They ended up switching his antibiotics to J tube just for the night so they can figure out what they want to do next.  They aren't sure if they want to do more meds to try and break up the clot or if they simply want to remove the port and try to remove the clot at the same time.  There will be a meeting this morning between the night shift docs and the day shift docs.  We have so many mixed feelings about everything happening right now. 
He ran a fever once overnight as well, but it came down easily with tylenol and hasn't come back.  He will be taken off of his feeds at 8am, but will still be given pedialyte by J tube to keep him hydrated.  As of right now they don't have a working line so IV fluids aren't possible.
We will try and update more today as possible!


Sara Eaton said...

Always in our prayers! Hoping the solution to the clot problem can be easily managed.... You are in our thoughts!!

Lots of hugs,
Eaton family ♥
"Never Give Up"

Nurse Paula said...

I miss you guys so much and wish that I could still be up there with you to support you both and I know this is going to seem like forever to find out what is happening next,but thank God we did go to KC and are with the best doctors ever and can have faith in them.I just keep praying that there is going to be a miracle that Eli will have everything work for the best. Who else could Eli be with but you guys and keep your heads up its going to be ok and maybe this way they can do the muscle biopsy with the port removal and replacement. We have to celebrate our year anniversity together Mr.E. so get well and home soon ok and I love you guys lots and miss you and please give my Mr.E a big hug and kiss ok. Love you always, Nurse Paula