Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today is day 7.  Time is flying and dragging.
This morning we began his elecare trial again.  2ml elecare mixed with 8ml pedialtye for a total of 10ml an hr.  The doc would like to make it 24 hrs, we said we would try for 6 hrs.  Right now we are at 4 hrs.  He was crying the 1st hr, and these last 3 he's been a bit grunty but no crying.  Diapers started within 20 minutes of beginning.  He's pretty sleepy.
His labs this morning showed a few issues.  The problems were in the proteins and the muscles.  The doc said it shows that muscle mass/tone is incredibly low to dang near non existent.  Apparently one of the lab levels was so low they couldn't even pick it up on the test.  So not quite sure what we need to do about all that.
Waiting on the doc to round this afternoon so we can get some more info.  Will update as we know more.

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Anonymous said...

in my heart he is my grandson even tho my son is far away and we have nothing to say .i pray for eli and my son everyday,and hope the lord spares them both from the pain .i am not a rude person nor do i not care but in my heart i dont have much to spare but the love for my grandchild and my son but i give sympathy to mother [heather]may you all be held tight by the lord and have him guide you to where it all must lead.