Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11th Night

It has been a super long day.
Eli's had alot of visitors today.  A friend from my SnB(knitting night) came up and brought Eli some super cool blankets.  Paula his home health nurse came and spent some time cuddling with him.  Then his TA Waiver Manager, Monique came and read his chart and spent some time hanging out.  Then a friend of the family's came by and brought Eli a super cool sensory cube.  Then the evening ended with a new friend coming up and bringing some books and legos for Eli to play with and explore.  We had a nice time today visiting with friends and family! 
I also was able to go to my parents house for a few today and see our oldest 4 kiddos!  It was nice to get to see them for a few.

This evening Eli's neurologist came by and did a few physical exam pieces.  He discussed the test a bit more.  A few options after the blood work and urine tests will be a spinal tap possibly and the muscle biopsy.  We are trying not to worry to far ahead though as right now we need to just take things a piece at a time.  We now wait 2 to 3 days for these 1st tests to come back.

Tonight tiny is pretty tired so hoping he sleeps well.  Bob and I aren't far behind.
Visiting with the oldest 4 silly kids

A very sleepy tiny man after all his visitors

This is the toy our family friend brought up. Bob and eli were rolling it back and forth. Eli thought it was so funny.
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