Monday, January 3, 2011

Updated 2:45pm...Gotta go all out

My tiny man figures if he's going to have to be in the hospital he might as well get the fullest use of all of their resources.  He isn't peeing.  He's had pedialyte in his J, IV boluses, and regular IV drip.  He's only peed 2oz in 24hrs and his bladder is full but it won't come out.  They've tried to cath him 3 times, and no luck, and the last time they got a bit of blood.  The scans showed a full bladder, and we are waiting for the radiologist to read the kidney piece of the scans. 
right now he's resting, fairly comfortably.  he's really hooked up.  Iv in his head, his J dripping pedialyte (10cc/hr), his G drain,  his sat monitor, O2, and I think that's all.  Poor little dude.
I will update today as I know more.

***UPDATE 9am
Got a catheter going finally.  Got some output but not as much as they want.  His temp is 103.  meds going.  croupy cough.  he's really upset.  not sure what's going on.  heartrate sky high obviously.  they are ordering more labs and chest xrays and tests and calling his docs.  will update as we know more.

***UPDATE 10:45am
Doc just left. Everyone is being called. hoping to get him stable enough for surgery in the next day or 2. Surgeon is being called to come assess how soon can operate. Might be forced to go to OR before he's stable. Still not 100% sure whats happening. temp 102.6 he's miserable and in pain and nobody knows why. i'm freaked out. go figure.

***UPDATE 2:45pm
Waiting on the surgeon to come by. They couldn't get the labs drawn. His fever is down, his heart rate is still sky high. His stoma is pouring. He's miserable and uncomfortable and pretty fussy. Nervous about what his surgeon will say, but anxious for a solution. still not peeing well but for now we are taking it as better than nothing.

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Jodi said...

Praying for your whole family, especially Eli! Hang in there.