Monday, January 24, 2011

PICU Day 2

Eli had trouble last night keeping his blood pressure up so they gave him dopamine.  His lab came back showing an infection in his blood.  They are rerunning some more labs to find out exactly what kind of infection.  He's on antibiotics.  Trying without the dopamine today to see how he might do.  His BP did drop, but doc came in and messed with him and moved him a bit and it went back to a better level. 
They will be finishing up his ECHO soon. 
Lots still going on.  He's resting.  Temp down with meds, sleeping alot, still on O2. 
We are worn out, feeling very disoriented, kind of the deer in headlights concept.  Paula, Eli's nurse, will be going  home today so it will just be Bob and I here in KC. 
We will update as we know more.

Like always we are soooo thankful to everyone for all of the love and support and prayers.  Please keep them coming as Eli is definitely not out of the woods.

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