Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PICU Day 3

Eli had some blood pressure and oxygen issues yesterday.  By last night his BP and O2 were better but his respirations were super elevated.  We haven't gotten the results of his ECHO yet either.  All of which are super frustrating.
Hoping to get some solid answers today when the doctors round.

We don't have phone signal or our laptop.  We can't dial long distance from the hospital phone.  So we are pretty much cut off from the entire world.  Once in a while I can sneak out and use a public computer assuming 500 other people aren't trying to use the ONE computer available.  We know that everyone is anxious for updates but it's not something we can provide alot of right now. 

We will update when we can.  Like always thank you for all of the love and support and prayers!  Keep them coming!

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