Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quiet Day 14

Today was pretty quiet. We didn't do a whole lots. Eli has had some issue with his stoma being irritated and bleeding. He lost 7oz today!! Huge weight loss, which isn't good. His doc didn't round until 6pm tonight. Things have been slowed way back down again. There will be meetings happening on Monday supposedly to get a firm plan in place on how to best care for Eli at this point. He just cant seem to get enough fluids and nutrition. It's frustrating. He has spent alot of time resting and some time sitting up in his bed looking at books. We took him on a walk to day to the gift shop and he enjoyed looking at all the pretty things in there!
This evening bob and i spent some time getting everything ready for the wedding and now it's just time to relax a bit and enjoy the evening. tomorrow will be super duper busy!
here are a few pictures of mr eli from his day!
Tiny fell asleep reading a book again!

Right after bath being all smiley in his new pjs

Getting back to his room from his walk.  He was so happy to get his mask off!

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