Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Day 10

Today is our 10th day.  I'm at the point of the stay where I'm just done and I want out.  I'm so tired of being here and so depressed by the lack of progress.  We are still stuck at 10ml/hr on the feeds and 25ml/hr on TPN, and then still giving IV fluids to supplement what is lost.  He's fussy today.  I want progress.  I want to work towards going home and we just continue to become more dependent on the port.  The opposite direction.
He had physical therapy and occupational therapy this morning and he just cried and cried.  They tried to work with his legs and hips a bit, and it caused him alot of pain.  They talked about ultimately trying some braces and such but not yet. 
He crashed after therapy and is now awake and crying again.  The doc still hasn't rounded yet today so no idea what the plan is now.  I will be pushing for them to get in touch with a GI, I don't care where in the country they are located at this point. 
Here is a pic of tiny this morning after therapy.
I will update today as we know more

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Sasha said...

My heart goest out to you and what you and your family is going through. Just read through your last dozen posts and I am feeling for you. Know that I will be thinking about you. Your post about being weak spoke volumes and I can feel your strength in every fiber of your words. Hugs. Praying for good news.