Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PICC, Snow, and Thinking

Today has been a fairly slow quiet day.  He had his labs drawn for his coagulant levels.  He also had his PICC line placed.  This seems to have worn him out as he's spent the rest of the day napping! 
It's snowing.  ALOT.  Bob and I have stared out the window watching the snow come down.  It's been kind of surreal.  I've done alot of thinking.

Thinking about how the hospital in wichita wasn't diligent with caring for my son.  Thinking about how he got gram negative serratia sepsis from their bad care.  Thinking about how the 2nd hospital in Wichita ignored his high fever and heartrate saying it's just a hospital bug.  They didn't check not 1 single thing, just sent him home.  Thinking about being rushed by ambulance into a trauma room.  Being told that the only time they see an infection as bad as Eli's is in 100% immuno compromised patients or when it's to late.  Thinking how close we came to losing our son.  It terrifies me to go back to Wichita.  To go back to these hospitals, to these doctors. 
We have alot of decisions to make right now, and we know this.  We've talked a bit, and will have sooo many more talks.  We don't have the answers, but we know that we will have to figure it all out.
For now all of Eli's care will be transferred up here to KC to the children's hospital.  We are trying to find out if a plan can be put in place that the hospitals in Wichita simply stabilize and immediately transport.  We are unsure how this will all work out right now, being 3 1/2 hrs from the closest children's hospital, BUT we do know that this is something that we have to do!
I need to stop thinking and just relax and enjoy my evening with my man! 
More updates tomorrow.


Jess said...

Praying as you come to hard decisions and touch choices. I am glad you have found peace in KC. The only reason Madison is alive is because of the skill and care of CMH! We are only 2 hours from CMH and we are scared when she starts getting sick. Big hugs and praying you can get some firm things in place. I know a LOT of families in Wichita that only trust CMH, maybe one of the doctors will be familiar with procedures other families have in place!

Anonymous said...

I think of you guys and Eli every day, and keep up with every post. I have nothing profound to say. I'm so sorry your tiny man has to go through all this. And sorry you guys have to go through all this. Sending lots of love.