Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quiet Sunday

It really turned into a pretty quiet sunday minus the lightening, thunder and hail!  :)  The kids all headed off to church this morning looking as nice as could be!  The boys all looked so nice with their fresh hair cuts, and jace wore his button up and tie.  Ari had her hair down with a simple headband, it's getting so darned long!  Emily actually wore a skirt today (SHOCKER) and I did her hair for her and she finished it off with some makeup.  They all looked so nice and so big headed off to church. 
Bob and I went on an almost 3 mile walk, and spent some time playing mario and watching TV together.  The afternoon brought housework and some baking.  Eli was in a super happy mood and spent alot of time trying to crawl around, still worried about the wood floors though.  He still refuses to move out onto them!  :)
This evening brought a super yummy dinner.  Now we are getting ready to watch our family movie and eating our yummy baked treats.  I'm hoping to get a project going.
This week will hopefully stay pretty low key but no guarantees. 
I will try to get pictures up before the week is out!

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