Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out of the OR, but admitted

Today was Eli's procedures.  The ENT ran his bronchoscopy and larygoscopy 1st.  He didn't find anything unusual with the trachea or vocal cords.  He will talk to the GI to see what the GI's thoughts are for the next testing on motility and his esophagus.  Then it was Eli's ABR, automated brainstem response.  Eli failed.  He has moderate hearing loss, can't hear most consonants, and sounds that are loud and yelling to us are very soft for Eli, almost whisper like.  She immediately did all of the molds for his hearing aids and spent some time with us picking out what products to use.  We selected a chocolate brown hearing aid that he can add stickers to, and orange for the ear piece as orange is his house color!  :) 
After surgery he had some problems with his O2 and apnea so they decided to admit him for the night.  He will be on CPAP tonight.  The goal is to be discharged early AM and drive straight home to meet with his DME to get his equipment delivered and set up.  He's exhausted this evening and fell asleep super early!
We also met with his Infectious Disease doctor.  She discussed the ECHO and the concerns with how the infection raged thru his body and ended up infecting his heart.  She wants another 2 weeks of oral (thru his J) antibiotics to make her feel safe enough.  Her concern is if the infection is still sitting in the blood clot in his heart.  So he will be switched over to that tomorrow. 
They will also be raising his blood thinners as his level came back to low.  He will not be able to restart them  until tomorrow as he had to be off 24hrs before his procedure and 12 hrs minimum after. 

Ari has done really well all in all, considering.  Today she struggled alot more with, and has been a bit of a pain.  BUT she also spent almost 10 hrs at the hospital.  So considering she's done well.  She got a blanket today and has hauled it all over with her.  The volunteer gave her 1 to give Eli when he was out of surgery and she couldn't wait to show it to him when she got to see him after recovery! 

As always Bob and I are exhausted.  I don't think updates on us revolve around anything but exhaustion anymore!  :)

More soon!

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Sasha said...

Hugs to you while you are going through all of this. Sorry to hear about the infection. Wysdom has some sort of minor infection and is on antibiotics too.

Just thinking about you and your family and sending strength