Friday, February 4, 2011

Morning of Day 13

Yesterday was a long confusing day.  I wasn't able to get on and update because by the time afternoon hit I was at the beginning of a migraine.  By dinner the migraine was in full swing to the point I was dizzy when I stood up.  Not a fun day at all. 
There was lots of talk about getting ready for discharge and alot of confusion.  They finally were able to get an IV pump and all of his meds and saline and heparin and all of the care required for the PICC line and antibiotics.  Then the pharmacist came up to teach us how to administer his shots as well.
They are hoping to have the ENT come today and run a scope to completely look at his vocal cords.  They are concerned by the fact that he makes ZERO sounds.  His attending has also been working with their medically complex kiddos team and they are working to get his care transferred up here as well as contact points when he is ill and needs hospitalized.  We are so impressed with everyone and feel as though they are really working to do what is best for Eli.
The hope is to get discharged Sunday afternoon and get home for meeting 1st thing monday morning to get nursing retrained and restarted!  Docs haven't rounded yet this morning so we are just kind of waiting for that to get it all finalized.
This morning I did his IV antibiotic and gave his shot!  I was nervous but I did it!!
Here are a couple of pictures from the last few days.
Day 10 Playing in the exercauser

Day 10 Cuddling with Dad

Day 13 playing in his exercauser again

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