Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 11 brings more unknowns

Today is day 11.  WOW. Time is blurring by.
The docs came in this morning and bob and I felt like we had been punched in the chest. 
First of all Eli's coagulation levels came back still low, actually they are dropping which makes no sense and is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing with this medication.  They upped the dose by 15% and are redrawing right now. 
Secondly apparently his hemoglobin is still low.  He's anemic.  They ran some other tests and it appears as though he's been anemic long term, like it's an overall health concern.  Levels should be between 10 to 12 and anything under 7 they normally talk blood transfusions.  Eli's is 7.4.  They discussed the pro's and con's of this with us this morning as a just in case, but are waiting to see what happens.
Thirdly his liver function tests are elevated some.  The antibiotic can cause this.  They will keep redrawing and keep a super close eye on it all.
It was alot of information to take in at once, and yet 1 more thing to add to the list of overall health issues. 
Right now we are just resting and hanging out together. 
We will update as we know more.

In other news...our oldest 4 are sick. 
Emily is mostly getting over the upper respiratory crap she had.
Jace has an upper respiratory issue and is on meds.
Benjamin has a sinus infection and upper respiratory stuff and is on antibiotics, meds, and back on nebulizer treatments.
Ariana has pneumonia and is on antibioitics, meds and nebulizer treatments.  She has a fever and is refusing to eat. 
My mom is 1 busy lady keeping up with all 4 of the kids with them all being sick.  Our pediatrician got them all hooked up with meds and with a nebulizer as we have Eli's here in KC with us.  Emily is still using her inhaler and it seems to work well for her.  Hopefully they all get better super fast!


Jess said...

Praying for answers with Eli's lab results and praying the Big 4 get well very soon and that Grandma wins a trip to Tahiti for all she has done to help you guys, and while she is in Tahiti, I pray Eli is healthy and at home!!!

Sasha said...

Wow that sounds like a huge handful with your son and then other child being sick. Hope you get some good news. Sending hugs