Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy 2 days begin

Today starts a super busy, long, info packed 2 days. This morning Eli has his recheck with his pediatric specialist eye doctor. Im curious and nervous to know if his eyes have improved any. Then we head over to his CP clinic appt. This is his 1st appt there. He will see a whole group of doctors and specialists at 1 3-4 hr appt. Then we immediately hit the road for KC. Tomorrow he meets with GI, hematology, has his preadmission testing, lab work, and his PICC dressing change. Then the plan is to drive home tomorrow night.
Im nervous. Last time i drove to KC and planned to drive home Eli crashed and 2 weeks later we came home.
Lots of info and knowing Eli's history I'm nervous for the answers. I will update as I can.
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The Wagner Three said...

Just trying to catch up on everyone. Sounds like you don't have but two seconds to get settled, then off to the next thing. I hope things in KC go as planned!

amj523 said...

Who is your ped optometry doc? I see Dr. Patrick Pirotte in W Wichita and I have since I was about 14. He specializes in children's eye problems. I love him dearly.

ejbaemommy said...

Eli sees dr whitfill in west wichita! We are super impressed with him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Kansas Payment Center needs to be instructed to redirect child support on the other 4 kids to your parents.

ejbaemommy said...

My 4 older children were with my husband at my home while I was gone for ONE night. So kiss my ass and get over it Brian. Be a parent or go away.