Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home for a week

We are home for right under 1 week...hopefully.  Eli got out of the hospital Friday morning.  He did well overnight with his CPAP and his breathing, only alarming a few times.  We got home and immediately went to his CPAP set up and his pharmacy. 
Today was spent unpacking and getting Eli's things reorganized. 
We have also spent a bit of time with the kids hanging out and watching movies.  It's been pretty quiet.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same.
This upcoming week brings PT and OT as we finish up getting ready for the re-write of Eli's IFSP.  On Friday we have to be in KC bright and early for an appt with the doc who runs the medically complex kiddos clinic.  He has schedualed a 3 hr appt with Eli.  We are super excited for him to be taking over Eli's care as his PCP.  Hoping to get a good plan in place of whats next.
Then back to KC the next Tuesday for feeding clinic and nutrition.  Hemoc and labs at all appts. 

The older 4 are well.  They spent a big chunk of the afternoon outside today.  The boys got haircuts tonight and are all looking super handsome.
More soon.  Hopefully with some pictures.

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