Wednesday, September 5, 2007

wearing thin

emotions are wearing thin around here. everyone is tired. everything going on in our lives right now are emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Stupid arguements are occuring, short fuses, low thresholds of patience. everyone always claims that these kinds of life events makes you stronger but so far i just feel absolutely exhausted. I'm trying to keep up and keep smiling, but it's not been so easy lately.
Yesterday we had court. He did in fact show up. We will have a trial on September 15th. That is all I can say about it at the moment. It's just one more draining thing on my list. If you want/need more info on this topic please email me privately! :)
We lowered the price on our house yesterday. We still haven't had a single offer. We supposedly have 2 families interested but I'm not holding my breath. We've gotta get this stupid house sold, and fast. I need to be done with it.
I'm supposed to be having a partial hysterectomy on September 21st. The doc doesn't want to retry the novasure after the complications with the first one. I've been researching a bit and am a bit concerned about having a partial. there are apparently some side effects and some things that can go wrong that worry me a bit. So i'm going to have to call my doc and ask some more questions. i have no idea what to do.
my milk still seems to be low. i took fenugreek and it gives me a horrible headache. i have no idea why. so i've stopped taking it but my milk is still low. when we had to take Ari to the ER she weighed 13lbs 8oz. that means she's only gained like 5oz in the last 4 months. that's clearly an issue. i would like to take her to the doc and see what he says but i'm afraid his only suggestion will be to just give her formula and that's not the answer i'm looking for. i'm going to have to attempt to do some research on the subject and see what my other options are.
It looks like the kids and i may be moving to Iowa sooner than later. We are trying to work some things out and find out if the kids and i can go ahead and move there now instead of waiting until december. it would relieve some of my stress not having to be at my parents house anymore, but it would add some stress not having brian or anyone around to help out with the kids. i'd be completely on my own. we will know by this weekend what we are going to do with all of that.
ariana and ben are sleeping in this morning. it's kind of nice. emily is at school, jace is here playing cards on my bed, and i'm sitting her randomly blogging things that pop into my head. today is laundry day, and i'm not so excited about that. i hate laundry. my least favorite chore.

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CNH said...

Ive been there H, and it sucks. I hope things get easier sooner rather than later and that you are able to make some decisions that work for you.

Our time in transition was the hardest of our life. I have never been so grateful to get settled! I miss Laura and I LOVE living with her, I just hated my life being so up in the air and unsure. As each piece of the puzzle fell into place, the load on my shoulders got lighter.

May you find some peace soon.