Sunday, September 9, 2007

Move Date Set

We have set our move date. We were trying to decide if the kids and I should move before or after court. We were given the go ahead to move before hand, but have decided that we will use this time to finish up everything here. We will move October 18th! I'm excited!
I went out last night with a friend for dinner and shopping. It was really nice to go out and talk and shop without kids! I really needed that!
Today the older 2 kids went with mom and dad to church. We are here with the younger two. Ben got bit by a mosquito on his eye and it was totally swelled shut. The doc had us give him a large dose of benadryl so we wanted to let him rest today. Brian' van is at the shop for an oil change, and then Brian is going to attempt to recharge the air conditioner. Let's hope it works!
I bought Jace his new big boy carseat yesterday. He got a Regent. I think my car looks gorgeous with 4 Britax carseats in it! I love it! Brian thinks I'm nuts! :) Jace loves his new seat and is very excited to get to ride in it!

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