Monday, September 24, 2007

boys start school

the boys started school today. They did well. Jace said that he likes his teachers and that he made some new friends. Ben's teachers said he did well, just didn't talk much. I know that will take him some time. I met 2 moms today. We met at the mall this morning and went walking and then sat at the play area and chatted. It was nice to meet some people and get out! We are going to meet to walk again tomorrow.

I didn't sleep so well last night. I fell asleep ok, but woke up at 3am and laid awake for hours. The bed is huge, and not having Brian there was really strange. I hope it gets easier, as it's only noon and I'm tired. I am going to need to get more sleep than this each night.

Our phone is still screwed up. We still can't receive phone calls, and can only make 5 minute phone calls before the phone disconnects. I'm AGAIN on hold with them trying to get it fixed. I spent over 3hrs on the phone with them yesterday and got nowhere. I'm not thrilled!

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