Friday, September 14, 2007

The mind of a 4yr old

Jace and I were snuggling together yesterday chatting about the move to Iowa. He told me that he will miss his teachers and his friends and said he wants to visit them. I said that we definately could do that. I reminded him that he would meet more teachers and would find more friends as well in Iowa. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and asked me what happens if he can't find anyone there that will fit with him and that he likes. I felt so bad for him. He is a very family oriented kind of child. He is shy until he gets to know someone, and then he begins to open up. It takes time and consistency with Jace to make it to his "inner circle". I know deep down that he'll meet people and make new friends and that he will be happy, but it just broke my heart that he is thinking and worrying about those things.
I also think it maybe got to me as much as it did because I have the same fears. As a SAHM I think it has actually been harder to make friends. I have developed some great friendships here, and am crushed to have to leave these friends. I know that it doesn't mean our friendships end, but we can't just get together whenever we want. I'm nervous about meeting people and making an entire new social network again. I'm nervous about finding people with my same lifestyle and interests. I feel all the same things that my 4 yr old feels.
I know we'll all be ok. I'm excited about the new adventures, but a bit nervous to do this alone.


Anonymous said...

Making new friends is hard, but do-able. I wish you all good luck on your move!!

I found your journal from Chantel's. Hope you don't mind, I was missing you on LJ. :D

Nicole V

ejbamommy said...

Hi!!! I don't mind at all!
Thanks! I know we'll meet new people! we've just met so many amazing people here that it makes it so much harder!