Friday, September 28, 2007

longest night of my life

emily was up every 20-30 minutes sick, until around 2am. Then Jace woke up saying his tummy hurt. He spent almost 2 hrs in the bathroom, but never got sick. Around 4am he pooped. then he cried in bed. I put him on the floor of my room and he slept. Ariana woke up around 6am. So I slept maybe 2 hrs broken up. I'm exhausted. Emily says her tummy feels ok, and her head just hurts a bit. I'm guessing at this point it's from lack of sleep and a slight bit of dehydration. Jace says he feels fine. I'm just tired and have a slight headache, lack of sleep i'm guessing. i'm keep everyone home from school today, and we are going to try and have a quiet rest day. I'm praying that nobody else gets sick, especially me. That's all I need is to get sick and have to still run the house and take care of all 4 kids by myself.

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