Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quick Check In

Brian got in at 1:30am saturday morning. It was so nice to see him even though it was the middle of the night and I was 98% asleep! :) Saturday morning when Ari woke up Brian went in to get her. I heard Emily all excited that daddy was here. So then he comes in with Ari and Jace comes running after. Benjamin on the other hand was unsure and it took him a few minutes to investigate and figure out what was going on. We had a homemade pancake and egg breakfast. It was nice! Then we decided to go to the IC co-op. Afterwards we wandered over to the CR mall and had a great time. It's a HUGE mall with tons of shops, restaurants, and play areas. We came home for nap, and Brian and I relaxed and watched TV while the kids slept. Last night we ate dinner out and ran a few errands. This morning I'm making homemade quiche and scones w/ cream for breakfast. Afterwards we are hoping to catch a walk on one of the local trails! Bri goes home this afternoon. I'm a bit sad, but very happy to have had this weekend, no matter how short. This wasn't a planned trip, so it's an extra bonus! The kids have enjoyed getting to see Brian! The kids and I will be in Wichita in 11 or 12 days so that isn't to long!
Anyways I'm the only one up so I had better get to cooking before everyone else gets up!
Hugs and love to all!

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