Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sick child and Candy Land

I got Emily and Jace to school this morning and then Ben, Ari, and I headed to a playdate. When we found out we were moving to CR I started up a meetup group. Today was our first official meetup. We had a great turn out of 7 moms! We had alot of fun! I got called at 11am saying that Emily was in the office complaining of a headache and had a low grade fever. I picked Jace up and got her. She had a horrible headache. Got her home and gave her motrin and put her to bed. She woke up hungry and saying she felt fine. She ate a sandwich and some yogurt. We decided to run to the store and look for some baskets. She got sick at the store. We immediately came home and she's gotten sick 4 more times. I'm thinking it's allergies and drainage, with a sinus headache. Jace is TV grounded so he and I played candy land. I kicked some candy land butt man! It took for darned ever but i won the first game. Then emily joined for the 2nd game. Jace got bored halfway through and Ben took over. After quite some time Mr Ben won! I forgot how long that game can go! :) We played at the coffee table in the living room and Ari happily played on the floor next to us. It was nice. Emily is now laying on the loveseat, Jace is watching TV, Ari is scooting aound the floor playing, and Ben is throwing a fit for a yellow. Gotta love life. I'm seeing any early bedtime in everyone's future!
Tomorrow with Emily being sick I think we'll stay close to home and relax. I could really stand to get some housework done. Yucky!

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