Wednesday, September 12, 2007

never ending

jace got injured. we had just put the kids to bed and were all in the kitchen. then you hear blood curtling screams from Jace. We all go rushing in there. He has a bookcase headboard and had went to lay his head down and instead hit the rim of the bookcase, HARD. which means the boys were probably playing. He has a cut halfway across his forward and a monstrous knot and already tons of bruising. We immediately got him to the bathroom because normally injuries and crying lead to throwing up for him and his tummy. The good news is no throwing up this time. The bad news is he looks horrible and he has quite the headache. He is now on grandma and grandpas bed with ice and grandma is reading dino T-rex books to him. The poor guy. that scream haunts me. i know that scream all to well and everytime i hear it my heart stops.

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