Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i'm beyond exhausted so this will be short. emily had school today, and did well. she had homework this evening and got it done pretty easily. her teacher sent home notices about sight words and she said emily already knows the 1st grade ones so sent her the 2nd grade ones. so i'm guessing that's a good thing. jace and benjamin also had school today. they had fun, and both made projects. once everyone was home it was a disaster. Ben snuck out of room NAKED during nap i have no idea how many times, jace and ben spent alot of time fighting, emily and jace were arguing back and forth. ben is getting into name calling. ariana was fussy. i was tired. it simply wasn't a good mixture. bedtime came a few minutes earlier than usual. now i just have to go carry jace to his bed so i can crawl into mine.
i'm struggling a bit dealing with the seperation from brian. little things are bugging me, and i'm sure the same for him. it's hard to understand what is going on with the other, being this far apart. it's strange only getting to talk to him on the phone.
the kids and i bought photo frames tonight and i sent pictures to for printing. they are all random pictures of family and friends. i'm going to frame all of them and put them all over the house. i'm hoping that helps everyone.
the kids aren't actually voicing the fact that they are missing people, but their attitudes have been horrible, so i'm guessing they are.
anyways tomorrow we have a playdate! it's at a local park with some local moms! I'm excited, and hoping that the weather will be warmer for it! :)

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