Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brian just left

Brian just left to go home. Originally he was going to leave this morning. The he was going to leave at 1pm. Then 2. He ended up leaving at 3:15pm. The older 2 kids cried, the younger 2 don't understand. Brian and I cried. I've never seen Bri cry like that. I walked in the house and just stood there crying. I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe I'm here by myself. These last few days have felt normal, our family back together, just the 6 of us. Then all of a sudden it's Sunday and Bri's gone. I'm just overwhelmed, and nervous, and scared, and already feeling alone. well you get the idea, it's just making me cry all over again.

to everyone i still haven't called. i'm so sorry. i'm not ignoring you, i've just been spending the last few days with Bri and now i'm just blah and don't know if i feel like talking on the phone right now. i promise i'll call soon!

missing everyone, especially my husband.


Michelle said...

I know that's tough. We should visit sometime soon. I am praying for you ALL! This is an adjustment I know...but you will make it! I'm missing you all and thinking of you!!!

LOTS AND LOTS of love!

ejbamommy said...

visits would definately be nice! :) always fun visiting family and the kids love company! Poor Bri. He is having to drive, he says he feels shaken and in a funk. this is hard on everyone.

Andrea said...

Hey Heather,

how was your first day by yourself? I hope you had a good one. How do the kids like their schools?
I'm sorry you're feeling so lonely but I'm sure you'll make the best of it and before you know it it'll be the six of you at the new place!
It's just three weeks and you'll be back in wichita!
I still understand how you're feeling and am really proud of you!

Hugs and kisses!