Saturday, September 8, 2007

We bought a van!!!

We bought a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan!!! YEAH!!! It's in great condition with really low miles! We also got it with no money down and a lower payment than expected which is clearly always nice too! Now to go buy Jace his new big boy carseat today! We will be almost ready to make the move!!!
Brian is working 10hrs of OT today. It sucks. What is frustrating is the last bit of time the kids and I have here with him he's either at work or school. Not so fun.
I'm excited about the move. I'm ready to get moved now. Heck I think I'd move this weekend if I could. But then there is that part of me that doesn't want to move yet, and is a bit scared about the whole process. I think once I'm there it will all settle down and fall into place. I'm going to be calling the schools on Monday and that will decide when we move. I'm excited!

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Michelle said...

Hi sister, congrats on the van purchase! WAHOOOOO

p.s. can you email me your guys' Iowa address?